About Us

While meeting for a couple of coffee with our friends, we discussed the situation in the tracking software development market from 2010. We analyzed the most important problems that exist in this sphere and arrived at the conclusion that large scale companies care about the promotion of the brand but not about the quality of software products. In addition, there is a huge number of issues that exist in the spy software sphere. While drinking coffee, we decided to launch our own little company in order to help parents who want to protect their children from inappropriate content.

How an idea to create a testing company was born

We started to discuss which content can threaten children and why. As you know, contemporary teenagers can’t live without communicating with each other via different social networks and instant chats, including Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Instagram, Tinder, and many others. They spend time on the Internet much more than their parents. Therefore teenagers become victims of abusing or sexting very often while sending each other nude photos and writing each other messages with sexual content or visit disturbing or illegal websites. With a huge number of devices that teenagers use, you can’t control very moment when they are online on your own. This is a real problem of the contemporary world.

We have decided to create startup consisting of several reviewers in order to help choose top grade tracking software solutions. Initially, we rented a really small office and started to work on monitoring and testing different spy software products. At first, we didn’t spend money on the promotion of our testing company. We just spent a lot of time on testing spying software. This was our main goal to create really top grade reviews of tracking software. In addition, we also found bugs in spying applications and then tried to analyze them.

Two years later, our company started to grow and extend. For these two years, our team of testers, QA specialists, and experts got a huge amount of valuable experience. While working with customers, we try to cover all their demands. This brings about the development of our company and the skills of our professionals. Therefore, while testing parental control software, we practice an individual approach to each customer.

The most important directions of the development

We test the most important tracking software solutions:

  • GPS tracking and geofencing that enables parents to be aware of the location of their children and track all the routes they use to move from point A to point B.
  • Developing an interactive live panel that allows controlling the activities of your child on the smartphone, but also blocking all the inappropriate content and applications remotely. This is a really useful option that helps you protect your child in the most reliable way.
  • Monitoring SMS/ MMS that allows being aware of all the secrets that your child tries to hide from you.
  • Viewing all the social networks and instant messengers, including Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Instagram, Tinder, and many others. Currently, social networks are the most popular trend among teenagers. Here, they spend a bigger part of their life while posting information about them, photos and videos, putting likes, evaluating photos, and so on. That’s why it’s very important to monitor the social networks of your children in order to keep up with their private and social life.
  • Receiving reports of calls, all the information about calls, including data and time of the conversation, the name or telephone number of the contact person.
  • Live viewing that allows looking through all the happens on the screen and around the screen. This is also a very useful parental control option that enables to monitor whom your child communicates to after studies and while visiting parties or meeting his/ her friends.
  • Access to all the applications installed on the device of your child and a possibility to restrict partially or even block them in school time.

Currently, our testing company belongs to the list of the most successful testing spy software companies that provide customers with reliable reviews by independent experts. We know that top grade parental control software needs provide customers with a wide range of monitoring options, compatibility with Android/ iOS, an interactive life panel, easy installation, a possibility to track a target device without rooting or jailbreaking. All these benefits play a very important role while people choose parental control software.